Big Story in Globe and Mail Says Miracle of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements “Has Turned Into a Nightmare”

When Margaret Wente first learned about the possibility of metal-on-metal hip replacements, she was pretty elated.

According to her essay in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, she had been looking forward to replacing her “crumbling arthritic joints” with a “shiny ball and socket made of cobalt and chromium,” and she sought after DePuy Orthopedic’s metal-on-metal hip replacement parts. As she noted, DePuy has been in business since 1895. It’s now a division of Johnson & Johnson.

She wrote about her success in the Globe and Mail and encouraged other readers to get similar treatments. Unfortunately, she come to admit that the supposed engineering miracle “has turned into a nightmare” for her and for many others. According to her report “metal-on-metal hip devices, including the kind I have, have failed in thousands of patients, with several models taken off the market and leading companies facing massive litigation.”

Wente, who described herself as a skeptic of “medical scare stories,” nevertheless has said that her faith in “in medicine and big pharma … has been well and truly shaken.”

Although Wente does an excellent and emotional job of discussing that the chronic battles that people like her often endure. That kind of agony can be difficult to explain, if you have never experienced it. It’s not just that your “hip hurts” — it’s that your entire body just becomes dysfunctional and your world gets turned upside down. Wente recalled the account of another hip-on-hip patient who suffered because the device never fully adhered the way it was supposed to do. She described the pain as so intense that it literally made her feel like she was outside her own body.

Even more terrifying than the pain, in some cases, is the experience of metallosis — a metal induced poisoning of the blood and body that can be difficult to identify and even harder to treat.

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