What Is PUP and How Does It Help Me And My Family

A personal umbrella policy, or PUP, is supplementary liability insurance that offers personal and family protection from incidents that result in damages that exceed the policy thresholds of car or home insurance. An umbrella policy isn’t for every individual or family, but knowing about this type of insurance is the first step toward making an […]

Thanksgiving Preparation Safety Tips

Home fires and injuries peek during the holidays. In 2014, according to the National Fire Protection Association, home fires related to cooking were 4 times higher on Thanksgiving.  It’s for that reason the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo offer the below tips and information that can keep you and your family safe during Thanksgiving […]

3 Common Questions about North Carolina Social Security Disability Benefits (For Caregivers)

Are you the child or spouse of someone stricken with an illness or injury and who needs to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in North Carolina? Most online resources focus on what applicants need to do to ensure approval during the application process. But often it’s the caregivers who do the lion’s share […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Urban legends about poisoned sweets or sharp objects inserted into candy and distributed to children by malicious strangers are just that: urban legend. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a precautionary check of any goodies kids bring home after a night out trick-or-treating. However, there are real dangers afoot during All Hallows Eve, and they’re not […]

What to Do After a Car Accident If You Don’t Have Insurance

If you drive without car insurance and suffer an accident, what happens next will depend on where you live. Most states have different coverage requirements and exercise different insurance laws. In North Carolina, for example, all drivers are required to have liability and uninsured motorist coverage. Liability coverage must equal a minimum of $30,000 for […]

North Carolina HS Football Players Participated in Brain Injury Study

In 2016, 24 youth football players from a North Carolina high school participated in a study led by researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The study aimed to understand changes in brain tissue activity following a single season of high school football. The players wore special helmets equipped with a Head Impact […]

Burn Injury Infographic

Each year, thousands of people suffer burn injuries from various accidents. While some burns are minor, others can be quite sever, causing permanent disfiguration, organ damage and death. Learning the types of burns and how to treat them can help during an accident or emergency situation.  

Do You Have Enough Car Insurance?

There’s broken glass on the asphalt; the light of emergency vehicles flickers in the darkness. A baby cries in the crumpled car next to you as cars crawl past the accident, and drivers turn their heads to steal a glance of the scene. You grab your insurance card from the glovebox along with your driver’s […]

The Dangers Of Texting And Driving – Infographic

Texting while driving is a dangerous activity that causes 1.6 million auto accidents every year. The best prevention is education. Here are some national statistics surrounding texting and driving. Texting and driving kills nine Americans a day Ninety-eight percent of adults know texting while driving is dangerous Forty-nine percent admit doing it anyway Thirty-three percent […]

Herbal Remedies Can Have Dangerous Side Effects

You’ve heard of natural herbal remedies promising to heal your ailments. Unfortunately, just because manufacturers label their products as “all natural” doesn’t mean they’re safe. The Dietary Supplement Health Education Act categorizes herbal remedies as dietary supplements instead of drugs. Because of this, herbal remedies are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). […]

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