Embracing Fundamental Uncertainty about Your North Carolina Defective Drug Case

Above all else, you want clarity about your North Carolina drug injury situation. Whether your husband suffered a heart attack and a stroke following his treatment with a GranuFlo or NaturaLyte dialysis product, or you endured years of pain, internal bleeding, and a rash of surgeries following your transvaginal mesh surgery, you just want the […]

One Huge (And Tragic, and Totally Preventable) Reason Why North Carolina Medical Product Victims Never Get Effective Legal Counsel…

As someone who was hurt by a defective medical instrument or piece of equipment in South Carolina, you know you need to “do something” to protect your rights and to punish the physician or company responsible for the devastation. You’re not a student of the law. You lack the education to go to trial or […]

Too Little, Too Late: Why Do Medical Equipment Companies Resist Pulling Product/Services That Inevitably Lead to North Carolina Class Action Lawsuits?

It’s kind of a mystery, isn’t it? So many North Carolina mass tort class action lawsuits could be avoided if liable parties took more responsible action, voluntarily, earlier in the process. On this blog, we’ve covered in depth the ongoing “legal drama” over the dialysis company Fresenius’s drugs, GranuFlo and NaturaLyte — drugs which can […]

Finding a Stryker Hip Replacement Lawyer: Not As Easy As You Thought It Would Be!

You’re looking for a Stryker hip replacement lawyer — a good, reputable firm to help you understand (and possibly exercise) your legal rights to get compensation for medical trauma and other damages you endured due to a malfunctioning metal-on-metal component. As you’ve probably read about at length, when the metal components grind against one another, […]

Big Story in Globe and Mail Says Miracle of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements “Has Turned Into a Nightmare”

When Margaret Wente first learned about the possibility of metal-on-metal hip replacements, she was pretty elated. According to her essay in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, she had been looking forward to replacing her “crumbling arthritic joints” with a “shiny ball and socket made of cobalt and chromium,” and she sought after DePuy Orthopedic’s metal-on-metal […]

What Is Your Worst Fear about Your Potential North Carolina Medical Device Case?

A medical device–as Guidant defibrillator or Stryker metal-on-metal hip component–failed you. The results have been nothing less than catastrophic. Maybe you’ve experience horrendous pain during menses and total inability to have sex, ever since you had transvaginal mesh surgery. Or maybe your husband suffered a series of cardiac events after his Guidant defibrillator failed to […]

Did your Calaxo bone screw dissolve early and worsen your ACL injury and/or cause additional problems?

Whether you’re an ex-North Carolina athlete who hurt his knee during a violent football collision; or you’re an elderly patient who needed knee replacement due to osteoarthritis, if you received a Calaxo bone screw between March 2006 and August 2007, you may be eligible to collect compensation for side effects caused by this defective piece […]