Defective Children’s Product Claims

When you purchase a children’s product, you expect it to be safe for your child. Unfortunately, children’s products are not always created with the safety of children in mind. All too often the safety of a children’s product is overlooked or compromised.

Any product you buy for your child has the potential to be defective. Simply because a product makes it to the marketplace, does not mean that it is safe for all children to use. Whether there is a defect in the instructions, the design of the product, or the parts the product is made from, if your child is injured by a defective product, you and your child may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Children’s products are found to be defective all the time. Each year many products are recalled because they are found to be dangerous to the end user due to faulty manufacturing, or insufficient warnings or poor instructions.

If your child has been injured by a defective children’s product, you may be able to hold any party in the manufacturing chain liable. This can include the manufacturers, the assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail seller.

Since the claims process for a defective children’s product can be very difficult to handle, you should have an experienced defective products lawyer assisting you. There are many different parts of a defective product claim, including which parties can be held liable, and rules and regulations that change for each state.

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