Harmless Herbal Remedies Not So Harmless

Whether it be the next pyramid project that allows you to heal the ailments of many while making money at home, or the next supplement to boost your weightlifting efforts into record results, there are still dangers to taking the all-natural “safe” supplements that will change our lives and help find the “new you.”

I know you’ve heard of them. The juice from a rare, nearly-extinct platypus only found off the coast of Japan. Or the cream that is extracted from the sacred starfish that can only be found on the fifth Thursday or May in years that end in a prime number. Their origins mystify. Their uses astonish. The possibilities amaze.

Without attacking the miraculous claims, I want to address the possible dangers of any product—particularly those with warning labels that read, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.” Now, regardless of your views on government intervention and ability, or lack thereof, to determine who knows best what I do with my body, statements like this cannot or should not be ignored.

These herbal supplements like anything are best used with exercised moderation. No one should consume unreasonable amounts of any one thing and not expect an uninvited side effect. An additional challenge may arise when it comes time to the appreciated risks of these natural supplements. As more and more people discover a similar side effect to a drug or supplement, attorneys in North Carolina pay close attention to helping individuals recover for the losses associated with a particular supplement.

A challenge to this may arise in the type of medication or supplement a person takes. Regardless of the drug or supplement, if you believe that you have taken a dangerous drug or supplement and may be at risk of serious injury, call the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo at 877-333-1000. You can even check out our website and request a free case evaluation at www.demayolaw.com.