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Mirena IUD

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Mirena IUD Lawsuits Now Underway


We now know the Mirena IUD is defective and is causing severe side effects in women all over the United States. If you have a Mirena IUD, you could be one of thousands seeking financial compensation for this dangerous form of birth control. Stryker Recalls Rejuvenate Hip Implant

What is Mirena?
Mirena is one of the most commonly used FDA-approved intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD). Doctors regularly recommend this plastic,
T-shaped device, which is inserted into the uterus for up to five years, releasing a hormone that helps prevent pregnancy. It’s marketed as
over 99% effective and is especially popular among women who have had at least one child.

What’s wrong with Mirena?
Increasingly, women are reporting serious and sometimes life-threatening side effects when the device malfunctions by shifting from
its original position, perforating the uterus or painfully embedding in
the uterus.

Other complications range from abscesses and ectopic pregnancy to pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility, among other scary side effects. Some women even require hospitalization or a full hysterectomy.
There are even cases of death.

What’s been done so far?
Not enough! Mirena is manufactured by Bayer, which has already been sued for issues with the birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin. In 2010, the FDA warned Bayer that it was in effect over-marketing Mirena by overstating its effectiveness and minimizing its risks, but the device has yet to be recalled.

What should Mirena users do?

  • If you have had a Mirena device inserted from 2000 to date, talk to your doctor immediately.
  • Don’t wait. Cases are underway throughout the country. If you have experienced any negative side effects or complications during or following device insertion, you may have a legal case against Bayer.
  • Call the defective device attorneys at the law offices of Michael A. DeMayo today at 877-529-1222 for a free initial consultation.

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