New Challenges for the Social Security Administration

After the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down the definition of “marriage” in the Defense of Marriage Act, there is a new group of the public who may need a disability attorney in NC. While the holding does not directly effect same sex couples here in North Carolina, it does effect those same sex couples when applying for federal benefits.  Until that decision, same sex couples were denied particular federal benefits based on marital status.  One federal benefit that will be effected is social security. 

Although your social security disability lawyer may handle cases in North Carolina, fighting for social security disability benefits is subject to federally set eligibility requirements.  Now that more people are eligible for federal benefits they were once denied, there will likely be more people who are denied for social security disability in NC.  The Social Security Administration almost always denies someone’s claim for disability the first time.  Now, It may be required to push back harder on appeals, because more people are applying.  More people applying for the same pot of money.  The pot didn’t get any bigger.  The federal government budget and the portion appropriated to the SSA was set a while back. 

If you are applying for social security disability benefits you need a social security lawyer in NC who is skilled in getting people the disability benefits they deserve.  Call the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo for a free case evaluation at 704-333-1000.