Reglan (generic: metoclopramide) is a prescription medication that is designed to treat gastrointestinal issues, including diabetic gastric stasis and gastric reflux, or heartburn. Reglan is indicated for short-term use although a physician may sometimes prescribe Reglan for longer periods of time and for other medical conditions.

Long-term use of Reglan can cause serious side effects, including Tardive Dyskinesia (TD), a devastating and sometimes lifelong syndrome. TD is characterized by repetitive, involuntary and purposeless movements. Side effects of TD may include:

  • Involuntary jerking movements/spasms of the tongue, face, mouth and jaw
  • Uncontrolled facial grimacing
  • Tongue protrusion
  • Lip smacking
  • Lip puckering/pursing
  • Rapid eye blinking
  • Uncontrollable movement in the arms, legs, and trunk
  • Involuntary movement on the hands and fingers

If you or one of your loved one has suffered from any of these side effects after taking Reglan, you may be able to file a dangerous drug claim to recover some compensation for your losses. Contact the lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, L.L.P. ® today to schedule your free initial consultation.