Truck Accident FAQs

Are truck accident claims more difficult than car accident claims?

Generally, yes. Truck accident claims can be more difficult because there are many more factors that can contribute to the truck accident itself, as well as the ensuing claim. For instance, there are different rules and regulations trucking companies and truck drivers must follow. There are also more parties involved in the claim, such as the trucking company’s’ insurance, insurance on the truck specifically, and the truck owners’ insurance.

An experienced truck accident lawyer will be able to sort out all of the different factors for your truck accident claim, along with the truck accident information and all necessary medical records.

What are truck accidents?

A truck accident is any traffic accident involving a passenger car and a commercial truck. Commercial trucks are on the road every day, and can include garbage trucks, tractor trailers, delivery trucks, gasoline trucks, and any other large, commercial vehicle.

I was involved in a truck accident where the truck jackknifed. Is the truck driver automatically liable for the truck accident?

Not necessarily. Simply because a truck jackknifes does not mean any resulting accidents are automatically the truck driver’s fault. Often times, the circumstances of the truck accident must be reviewed to determine who is liable for the truck accident.

If something such as another driver or undesirable weather conditions caused the truck to jackknife, or if the driver purposely jackknifed the truck to avoid a catastrophic situation, the truck accident may not be the fault of the truck driver.

Why are truck accidents more serious than car accidents?

Truck accidents are often much more serious than car accidents because of the shear size difference of the vehicles involved. An average commercial truck can weigh upwards of 70,000 pounds while an average passenger car weighs around 3,000 pounds. Because of this, truck accidents often involve significantly more property damage and serious medical problems.

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