Turf War in the Outer Banks

The Daily News, a community newspaper in covered a story about potential litigation over a North Carolina Beach.  A federal agency has proposed a designation that will substantially harm Carteret County’s ability to rebuild to protect nearly extinct loggerhead sea turtles who nest their each season. 

Both parties bring up standard, politically correct arguments for both sides, but this may get ugly.  If it’s two things North Carolinians love its barbeque and the Outer Banks.  Because this story has nothing to do with barbeque, I’ll focus on the Outer Banks.  For me and certainly several others, the love stems from the unadulterated beaches and natural landscape that is showcased in beach and coastal life magazines regularly.

I do question the true intent of the proposal and the opposition to it.  This is likely one of those issues that could best be handled over open communication, active listening and each party trying to accomplish a win-win result.  The underlying interests seem to be (1) to protect the turtles that nest and (2) to protect the chance to preserve and maintain the beaches the turtles use to nest.