3 Examples of How Intense Emotions After an Injury in North Carolina Can Lead to Bad Decision Making

As someone who’s been injured in North Carolina — perhaps in a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace catastrophe — you’re searching for a North Carolina class action law firm to help you obtain a recovery for your monetary losses, past present and future, as well as intangible damages to your life, psyche, and family.

Unfortunately, injured people often act on emotions as opposed to strategy. When you mindlessly go with your gut instinct, you can create more problems than you solve. Here are three examples of how acting on emotion (as opposed to reason) can harm your potential North Carolina mass tort.

1. Anger

E.g. you’re furious at a company that marketed and distributed a dangerous toy that harmed your 11-month-old.

Fuelled by this anger, you might retain the first North Carolina mass tort lawyer that you come across — e.g. a firm referred to you by a family friend that’s not really a specialist in product liability. Your impetuousness may thus sow the seeds of an unsatisfactory settlement, months or years down the line.

Moral: Don’t allow anger to compel you to make impetuous decisions. Think through what you want before reacting!

2. Depression

E.g. You’re tremendously depressed about your medical prognosis following a Charlotte rollover accident.

It’s human to feel depressed — even despondent — after a serious accident. But your depression can stop you from taking timely legal action. This is essentially the reverse of the first problem we talked about! If you wait too long to explore your legal options, evidence that might have supported your case could disappear, and witnesses might forget what they witnessed.

Moral: Don’t allow depression to prevent you from taking quick, decisive action to protect your rights.

3. Avarice

E.g. You’ve been harmed by a deep pocketed corporation. If you win a case, you may be able to extract hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, and that reward, in and of itself, excites you.

If you approach the situation from an overly avaricious point of view — that is, trying to get every penny you possible can — you set yourself up for disappointment and frustration, and that’s even if you win! Worst case scenario, you override the advice of a good attorney and decide to take a tenuous case to trial, when you’d be far better off settling out of court. In so doing, you stretch out the matter for years too long and then suffer a rejection of the claim.

Moral: To avoid these and other emotionally-induced mistakes regarding your North Carolina mass tort lawsuit, connect with the team here at The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo for a free, attentive case consultation.