3 Reasons Why To Write Down All Your Problems Related To Your Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement Injury

You’ve been in excruciating pain, ever since you had metal-on-metal hip replacement surgery.

Whether you got Stryker hip components or some other components–whether you had the surgery five years ago or five days ago–you know that something is not quite right. But you are not sure what it is. Hopefully, you’ve been in consultation with your physician.

You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the medical device manufacturer or against a caregiver or institution or insurance company. To prepare, you should document your ordeal, immediately, for the following three reasons:

1. When you document, you can communicate with healthcare providers more effectively.

When you rely on memory alone to tell doctors about your symptoms, mood, home treatment approaches, etc you will inevitably exaggerate certain aspects of your situation and underreport other aspects. If you keep a written log of what you try, how you feel when you take certain actions, and so forth, your physician can have a much clearer, more objective picture of what has been happening with you, and he or she can hopefully use that insight to give you better care.

2. As business guru Peter Drucker once sagely noted, “What gets measures, gets managed.”

Most of us “fly blind” with respect to most of our problems, most of the time.

Beyond a few small examples, we never learn how to apply metrics in our lives. But when we do, we often see stunning results. Witness athletes, who use varieties of metrics–clock times, repetitions, win loss records, etc–to track performance and improve. By tracking effectively, you are able to get better. The same general principle applies to your health. If you can track what you feel, when you feel it, how you feel it, and why you feel it, then you can develop insights about what does and doesn’t work for you over time.

3. If/when you ever need to bring a personal injury case against a medical equipment manufacturer, like Stryker, or a drug manufacturer, like Fresenius (maker of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte), you’ll be ahead of the game.

When you have great documentation, you increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to acquire compensation, successfully, via a PI lawsuit or settlement or other legal action, like a mass tort.

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