Low T Treatments Gain Popularity and Scientists Warn of Possible Dangers

With advertisements for the treatment of low testosterone “low t” constantly running on television, it is no surprise that this men’s health issue is probably the biggest since Rogaine and Viagra.  The increased interest concerning testosterone replacement therapy has spread from advertisements to clinics that specialize in treating low t.  Low t clinics have popped up all across America in cities and in suburbs.  These clinics are often marketed as being operated by an all-male staff of doctors and some of the clinics also advertise to treat other medical conditions such as weight gain and sexual performance issues.  A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that testosterone prescriptions in the United States more than tripled in the last decade.

The recent boom in the writing of prescriptions for low t treatment has caught the attention of medical professionals as a recent study produced some troubling findings regarding the risks of low t treatments.  The study of more than 50,000 men found a doubling of risk for heart attack for older male patients.  This study published online in PLOS One, suggests that the risk of myocardial infarction is increased in men who receive low t treatments and who have pre-existing heart disease.  Another study by the VA also found a higher frequency of death and cardiovascular events in male patients who received testosterone therapy and have prior coronary artery disease.

The risks associated with low testosterone treatments and the popularity of these drugs as witnessed through advertising and the opening of low t clinics has the potential to be a dangerous combination.  Patients that have taken treatments for low t and have suffered from health problems after taking the treatments may be eligible for compensation.  Anyone taking low testosterone or thinking about getting treatment for low t should speak to their doctor about the potential risks of taking these drugs.

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