A Lesson for North Carolina Injury Plaintiffs from One of the Richest Men in Human History…

J. Paul Getty–oil scion, Oklahoma Wildcatter, billionaire philanthropist–shared powerful insights about success in his autobiography, How To Be Rich. If you’ve been struggling with a North Carolina personal injury claim–a possible class action or mass tort–consider giving it a read.

Why? Why bother reading the self-congratulatory tales of an old-school oil billionaire? Because Getty’s insights are surprisingly universal. If you study his path–how he made his fortune, how he consolidated an empire–you might learn how to deal better with your own challenges, financial and otherwise.

Many of Getty’s lessons focus on theme of self-determination.

Getty earned a reputation for stubbornness. He worked tirelessly, for instance, to acquire a company called Tide Water, despite complaints and lawsuits from shareholders. He bought New York City’s fanciest hotel during the height of the Great Depression. He purchased oil fields and drilled in Saudi Arabia, way before most people understood that the Middle East was an oil goldmine, etc.

Individually, his decisions aren’t particularly enlightening. Perhaps he just got lucky a lot. Perhaps. But taken together, these decisions can give you insight into what separates high performers from the average bear. In some ways, success is about attitude. You need empowerment–to be able exert control over your environment.

Here’s why this lesson is important for North Carolina mass tort plaintiffs. Right now, you’re probably feeling low. You’re probably exhausted, depleted, angry, etc. And because you’re feeling so disempowered, you’re likely to engage in less than ideal practices with respect to your case, your finances, and your outlook.

This isn’t to say that you haven’t suffered real harm–or that horrific injustices haven’t been done. You may have suffered dearly. But if you can find ways to exert some control over your environment–even if that just means insisting that the nurse leave the remote control by your bedside, so you can choose what channels to watch–then you will be on a more sure-footed path.

The big lesson is this: find ways to take action–not necessarily to fix everything in your life because, frankly, some things might be unfixable–but rather to reclaim your sense of ownership over your life. Don’t worry about healing tomorrow or making millions of dollars. Instead, work incrementally. Build up your self-confidence and your self-control. Over time, like a snowball rolling down a hill, you will become powerful and unstoppable.

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