Asteroid 2012 DA 14’s Odd But Imperative Lessons for North Carolina Medical Product Injury Claimants…

Whether you suffered blood poisoning from metallosis, induced by a Stryker metal-on-metal hip replacement part; or a cardiac event stimulated by a Fresenius NaturaLyte or GranuFlo dialysis product, you want answers. How should you get compensation and hold drug/equipment makers responsible?

You’re probably not paying attention to the Heavens right now, and for good reason. Your concerns are quite Earthly.

But you can learn a huge lesson about how to be a better plaintiff by gazing skyward, if only for an instant.

Recently, a 150 foot wide asteroid–code named 2012 DA 14–skimmed by planet Earth, passing less than 20,000 miles from terra firma. Had the asteroid turned into a meteorite and hit us directly, it would have released over three megatons of kinetic energy, according to calculations done by physicists, Robert Marcus and Gareth Collins.

That would be basically like 138 Hiroshima style atomic bombs going off at once in same place!

On the positive side, the explosion would probably happen in the atmosphere. On the negative side, even if the detonation did happen in the atmosphere, it could still do hefty damage. Back in 1908, a similar sized object smacked down over Siberia, Russia, and flattened 80 million trees over a vast expanse. If a similar impact happened over a large city, it could literally wipe out tens of millions of people instantly.

So what does this all have to do with your defective product case?

Here’s how it relates.

Many people stay awake at night worrying about things that are totally beyond their control–such as a giant meteor bursting over their house and flattening their city.

It’s natural to worry about such things–and perhaps useful if you’re a NASA scientist with the budget, capacity, and technical knowhow to plan a Bruce Willis like mission to nudge dangerous space rocks off course. But if you’re a normal person, you should spend zero time worrying about that scenario because there is literally nothing you can do.

It’s just one of the many weird hazards of living on Earth. In some ways, it’s actually counterproductive, because you wind up depleting your resources instead of using them to make your situation better.

As a personal injury victim, you’re likely worrying about events totally beyond your control–fretting over “what went wrong in the ER” or whatever. You obviously cannot go back in time, unless get hold of a Flux Capacitor or something.

Instead of fretting needlessly, search for opportunities to take real action to make your life better.

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