Bad Choices and Devastating Consequences

On several earlier occasions I have used the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo blog as a platform to spread my concern for drivers as they interact with dangers on the road.  A particular frustration of mine is the how so often people disregard the safety of other motorists and drive while under the influence or impaired.  This is particularly frustrating because of the higher risks of causing bodily injury in an auto accident in North Carolina.

It’s a devastating reality that all drivers must deal with.  Now, in certain situations passengers of an impaired or under the influence driver are sometimes able to consciously recognize that risks and avoid it but not getting in the car.  In other situations that is not the case. 

You may remember reports from last week about the eight year old girl who was riding with her mother out in Connelly Springs. Late Wednesday state troopers responded to an auto accident on Highway 70 to find the little girl had serious injuries including gashes to her face.  The troopers also noticed that the mother who was not seriously injured was intoxicated.  Additionally, after she drove her car off the road and into a tree, the little girl was flown to the hospital.  At the hospital, a blood test turned up a sampler platter of medications that cause greater impairment when mixed with alcohol. 

This is a tragic situation that will likely live out in the mother’s nightmares for years to come.  We can hope that this will have an effect on this mother and other people who insist on getting behind the wheel and endangering motorists across North Carolina when under the influence. 

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