DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits 101: 3 Common (But Rarely, If Ever, Addressed) Problems Injured People Face

In Part I of our DePuy hip replacement lawsuit 101 series, we offered an executive summary of the legal imbroglio that erupted as a result of unexpected and dangerous side effects associated with DePuy hip replacement equipment.

Just to recap some key statistics:

•    93,000+ patients from around the globe have had ASR components installed;
•    A study from 2010 found that 12% to 13% of patients suffered side effects serious enough to merit revisionary surgery;
•    Common medical problems caused by defective components include metal ion poisoning, damage to nerve and muscle tissue, and necrosis;
•    DePuy Orthopedics waited 18 plus months after the first lawsuit to issue a recall of ASR products — a move condemned by many neutral observers in the industry as more than a day late, a dollar short;
•    Industry watchers believe that Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary may face thousands of lawsuits in the coming years due to hip replacement injuries.

Unfortunately, victims who research DePuy hip side effects online find themselves confronted with a massive abundance of information but not much assistance filtering it all. As we mentioned in the last post, even though DeMayo Law represents plaintiffs in these cases, we foremost want to provide useful information — whether or not you call us for a free, confidential consultation.

To that end, here are three common issues you might have while researching DePuy hip replacement info — and how to obtain peace of mind despite the overload of advice.

1. Before you immerse yourself in online research, articulate your purpose and ideal outcome.

To master the problem of info-overload, first get clear about your purpose and ideal outcome. For instance, maybe your purpose is simply to understand your medical crisis – i.e., you’re not necessarily interested in joining a lawsuit or seeking justice to prevent other people from getting hurt. Alternatively, maybe you’ve been so outraged about what’s happened to you or your loved one that your mission is to hold DePuy Orthopedics strictly to account and to stop other companies from engaging in similarly obtuse practices.

Once you clarify your purpose and vision, you’ll have automatic standards to make more efficient decisions.

2. Collect as much information as you can about your situation, starting yesterday.

Collect all information that you think might even be glancingly relevant. This obviously includes medical records, insurance company notices, bills for surgeries, diagnostics, etc. However, you should also keep a journal of your experiences — including your symptoms — as well as records of conversations you have with doctors, healthcare practitioners, insurance company representatives, lawyers, etc. Don’t worry about collecting “too much” info about your case — your legal team can sort out the details later.

3. Get a consultation with a reliable DePuy hip law firm sooner than later.

Depending on the details and circumstances of your case, time may be of tremendous essence. Insurance companies and big corporations prefer that patients go unrepresented because unrepresented plaintiffs generally collect far less money.

Appreciate that the law regarding DePuy hip replacement fracas is exceptionally complex, and prepare accordingly by finding great resources to do some of the filtering for you.