Injured By Transvaginal Mesh? A North Carolina Class Action Might Be a Remedy…

If you or your partner suffered side effects — potentially life changing injuries — due to transvaginal mesh, you’ve likely explored your legal options online.

Makers of mesh medical technology now face dozens of lawsuits across America, and even conservative health organizations are ringing the alarm bells. This blog has covered some of the medical dangers created by transvaginal mesh procedures in previous posts; and the internet practically overflows with information about how and why these products malfunction and how and why women suffer injuries because of them.

But there is another aspect to the story that the media fails to cover in sufficient detail: the indirect damage that vaginal mesh side effects can have on intimate relationships.

One of the classic side effects is painful intercourse. If you’ve been treated with mesh to deal with conditions like pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or urinary incontinence, for instance, the mesh may have damaged the vaginal tissue and/or made certain areas extremely sensitive.

Being unable to engage in intercourse without pain is obviously horrific. However, the problems can go deeper. Physical intimacy is a key component of healthy relationships. When you and your partner can no longer enjoy one another, other aspects of the relationship can break down. The damage can be subtle, but very real. For instance, you might find yourself not talking as much together, laughing as much, or communicating about essential issues.

The degradation of the sex life can thus destroy the relationship all together. That loss of companionship can in turn create a cascade of negative effects in your life. Some women might be to blame their divorces — and other seemingly distantly indirect life problems — on the transvaginal mesh malfunction! And we haven’t even touched on the indirect financial consequences – and the social, emotional, and relationship problems caused by said financial stresses – all of which can be logically tied back to the medical equipment failure.

Getting everything straightened out, legally and otherwise, needs to be a top priority.

Don’t expect to fix everything in a day — or even in a month or a year. However, with effective guidance from an experienced law firm like the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, you can make surprisingly rapid progress towards obtaining compensation and rebuilding your life. Get in touch with DeMayo Law for a free consultation.