Nearly 100,000 Guidant Heart Defibrillators Have Been Recalled–Should Your Device Have Been One of Them?

As a cardiac patient in North Carolina, you may have received a Guidant heart defibrillator to help your heart beat properly. The implanted defibrillator is used to fix atrial and ventricle tachyarrhythmias; it can issue small electrical shocks to the heart.

Unfortunately, physicians recently discovered a defect in many of these defibrillators–a magnetic switch inside can get stuck in a strange position that can deplete the battery life, rapidly, preventing the defibrillator from doing its job.

Tragically, defibrillator failures have led to numerous injuries and even deaths. Guidant recalled nearly 50,000 devices in June 2005. A week later, Guidant recalled 46,000 additional devices because they, too, might be defective. No one really knows how many defective devices were used or deployed in the patient population, but the company has issued recalls for nearly a dozen models (click here to see to learn more about the Guidant defibrillator recall).

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