No Amount of North Carolina Social Security Benefits Will Make You “Feel Truly Secure”

It’s one of the biggest myths about Social Security Disability in North Carolina and beyond–that if you secure a steady stream of income or benefits, then you will feel secure and comfortable in your life.

We all want certainty and security. These are fundamental human needs. And you should absolutely pursue them. However, the conventional strategies we use to meet these needs are often surprisingly incongruent with what research science tells us about how these needs are typically met.

Take the concept of “security,” for instance. You can find many people right here in North Carolina–who feel incredibly insecure–for various psychological reasons. But the reality is the United States is a country at peace. Our state has plenty of clean water and an abundance of food, and there are excellent free resources available to people who need help. Yet many people still feel insecure.

Conversely, you can find places in the world that are truly devastated–war torn regions of Sudan or Somalia, for instance–and find people who would rate themselves as very secure. In actuality, it’s far more dangerous to live in a war-ravaged region of Sudan than it is to live in a peaceful suburb of Raleigh, those objective measurements don’t necessarily reflect themselves in subjective experience.

This isn’t to say that there is no difference between living in a battle zone and living in a quiet suburb. But the research does suggest that our sense of security often has to do substantially with our perceptions.

That sounds gauzy and a bit new-agey, and if you are really struggling with your North Carolina Social Security Disability claim, you don’t want to be placated with platitudes. That’s understandable. The benefits that you are fighting for could mean the difference between comfort and discomfort–between good medical treatment and horrible medical treatment–between self-esteem and self-defeat. So the fight is important–potentially vital.

But your perception of your own vulnerability is much more under your control than you likely think it is. Hopefully that makes sense. Furthermore, the more you understand your case–and your options–the more you will feel in control and secure about your situation, even if you don’t get immediately fix your financial circumstances.

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