Pope Ratzinger Suddenly Steps Aside–An Example of How Punctuated Evolution Governs Our World (And Your North Carolina Defective Medical Product Case)

As someone who was recently harmed by a defective product in Charlotte, you’re well aware of how slight mishaps or unhappy accidents can radically alter the course of life. Whether your husband suffered a heart attack while on dialysis at a Fresenius Clinic; or you endured multiple corrective surgeries after your primary care physician failed to diagnose a cancer growth, you’re still reeling from that out-of-the-blue event.

As we discussed in our last blog post, systems transform by both graduated and punctuated evolution. Most of the time, things hum along in status quo. But every once in a while, something surprising drastically alters the nature of events. You can see this “punctuated” or “disruptive” evolution of systems all the time in the news, if you look for it. For instance, consider the surprising early resignation of Pope Benedict. The 85-year-old pontiff shocked the world, pre-Valentine’s Day, when he announced his intent to step down. The Catholic Church is still reeling from the announcement and trying to metabolize it and organize the succession. The event wasn’t a total shock, in that Benedict wasn’t expected to serve decades — he’s already an octogenarian. But it certainly changed Rome’s calendar for 2013!

Punctuated events happen not just once but many times over the course of projects. For instance, the botched surgery or bad diagnosis that caused your harm was a “punctuated” element — a surprise out of the blue. But it’s not like you’ll be spending the next several months/years picking up the pieces in a slow but incremental and predictable fashion.

Depending on the nature of the injury and harm done, your case may resolve faster or slower than you expect. Your body can recover faster or slower, too. Indeed, your estimation of what’s going to happen will almost certainly be off — perhaps way off. For instance, you might think that your case will take 10 months to resolve, when it could take 10 days or 10 years.

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