Recovering After Social Security Disability: The Battle for Better Insight

What is the solution to your North Carolina social security disability crisis?

  • Is it a new drug or other therapy that will magically cure your illness or at least to make it much less painful and serious?
  • Is it a consultation with an experienced North Carolina social security disability law firm (like DeMayo Law)?
  • Is it success at an Administrative Law Judge hearing, Reconsideration, or some other moment in your case?
  • Is it simply a return to “peace of mind,” financially, medically, spiritually, and otherwise?

In some sense, it could be any of those things or all of them.

But in another sense, this kind of thinking misses the point.

Your Social Security Disability situation is a journey as opposed to a single project.

No matter what kind of good news or good health you acquire–and you certainly should seek to acquire it!–you will not solve all of your problems immediately. Many problems will likely persist for weeks or months. That’s just the way it this.

However–and this is an incredibly important point–when you start to take small, effective, resourceful actions, over time, these actions create their own kind of positive momentum. You will enjoy an incremental positive effect that builds and builds until it becomes like a wave.

So how do you start to build the momentum?

One way to do so is to develop and collect insights about your life and health, broadly, and about your Social Security Disability situation, more specifically. That’s one of the reasons why we maintain this blog–because insights are at the core of why people succeed, when they do, with complex problems like Social Security Disability benefits.

For instance, if you scan some of the testimonials from past clients here at DeMayo Law, you will focus on their journeys. Based on insight that they get from a firm like ours, things suddenly started to fall into place and become easier.

This is not simply an exercise in self-promotion. It’s a plea: accrue insight into aspects of your condition, personality, health, etc., and you will build positive momentum that will take you to a better place. One of the reasons why this blog touches on diverse, “self-help-y” topics like goal setting, is that, by pivoting how you look at your problems, you can often find new solutions that were very unobvious before.

It’s kind of like looking at a diamond. When you look at a diamond at a certain angle, it looks dull. Turn it by a quarter of a degree, and you may see a glimmer that looks like the most beautiful thing in the world.

For help looking at your case in a new way, connect with the DeMayo Law team for a free consultation.