Should I always report an auto accident?

The short and sweet answer—yes. Never base your possible injuries on the severity of an auto accident. There are several instances that people are in minor accidents in North Carolina and both parties agree that they shouldn’t contact the police. Down the road, the bodily injury becomes more obvious. In the time immediately following an impact, your body is overtaken by adrenaline, which reduces your body’s ability to feel pain.

This can be problematic a couple of days after the auto accident when your body begins to recognize the signs of muscle sprain and strain. While you can still seek medical treatment, holding the at-fault driver responsible may be a lot more difficult if the two parties don’t exchange information or contact the police.

If you realize that you have injuries, you will almost always need to have a copy of the accident report. If there is not a need for emergency response at the accident, there is still a need to contact the police. Why? Because the police will be able to draft an accident report. Having the accident report that was drafted at the scene of the incident is crucial because it documents the event. It preserves the contact information of both parties as well as describes the events of the incident as both parties believe them to be including any witnesses.

Just be on the safe side—when in doubt—call the police and ask that they come to draft an accident report. You don’t want to wish you had one a couple of days later when it may be too late. If you have been injured in a car accident in North Carolina call the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo today. Our number is 877-333-1000. Or you can request a free case evaluation on our website,