Taxotere is a popular antineoplastic (anticancer) agent used in chemotherapy to treat a variety of cancers including breast, lung, prostate, stomach, and head and neck cancer. While Taxotere can be an effective cancer treatment, some survivors have experienced permanent baldness (alopecia), a disfiguring condition that can lead to psychological and emotional distress.

If you or a loved one is experiencing permanent hair loss as a result of Taxotere, financial compensation may be available. Call 877-333-1000 for a FREE case consultation!

The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo are now accepting clients who:

  • Are female
  • Were diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Received Taxotere or Docetaxel chemotherapy between 1996 and 2015
  • Experienced permanent hair loss (Alopecia) at least six months after completing chemotherapy

(We are currently not accepting cases involving chemotherapy drugs such as Taxol, Paclitaxel, or Abraxane.)

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