The American People Deserve Alimony

Well like so many good marriages, our relationship with our federal government appears to be riddled with lies, distrust and deceit. With the White House fighting bad press regarding three big scandals, it leaves us asking what did I do wrong?

Was it me? Could I have done something differently? Did I not listen? Well–no! Sometimes people act in their best interest despite an oath, duty or at least a moral responsibility and that self-dealing is to our detriment.

In case you haven’t heard, in the past three days, politicians and the press corps alike have opened the flood gates on a sea of dirty back room self-dealing. Just as bad press regarding the government’s inaction or possible cover up of terrorist acts on the US Embassy in Benghazi begins to fizzle, new reports show that the Department of Justice has been collecting confidential information from the Associated Press for the past year without giving notice of the subpeona that allegedly allowed it.

Oh but wait! There’s more. Just to a divorce–when the bad news starts rolling–when it rains it pours. And right now, it’s pouring. The IRS has been purposefully targeting conservative groups who applied for special tax exempt status. The IRS has been specifically targeting groups for additional scrutiny and drawn out extra application requirements while there non-conservative counterparts slid through the non-profit qualifying status with ease. Worst part–and this is the kicker–members of the press are exposing that this practice has been known to public officials and most likely at the direction of people who have a duty to act in our best interest.

So–why alimony? Because the IRS and the Department of Justice have been lying to us. While we wake up early, break our necks to get the kids off to school and rush off to work, the government has been in bed with the White House. The most stomach-churning part–they’ve been using the American people’s credit card to buy strawberries dipped in the finest chocolates while we scramble to handle what life throws at us.

Do you trust them? You have to consider the dirty deeds of the government. And why does it matter? How does it effect me? Easy–if you’re applying for Social Security Disability–your application is going to the Social Security Administration. Good luck if you think you’ll be treated any differently than the other three hundred applications that came in that day. It’s not enough to work hard, pay your dues and do right by people. If you’re disabled and now able to work, you have to convince these fools of your disability and that you are eligible to receive your benefits.

Call our office right now if you need to apply for Social Security Disability. Please recognize that when your livelihood is at stake, you need a strong attorney who is known as a power player when fighting the Social Security Administration. Call the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo for a free consultation. What can it hurt?