Do You Know What To Do After a Work Injury?

Going to work is hard enough without having to worry about the risk of contracting an illness or suffering a serious injury while you’re there. Getting hurt on the job only makes it harder for you to continue working, so injured employees can quickly find themselves in a real rut — needing to work but being physically unable to.

Adding insult to injury (literally), many employers, and even the state Workers’ Compensation system itself, make it very difficult for employees to recover the compensation they really deserve after a workplace accident. Employees don’t always have the same rights to compensation that others might have under North Carolina personal injury law. While personal injury law and workers’ compensation law in North Carolina are different — injured workers are often entitled to more compensation than they may initially realize.

Insurance companies can complicate matters too. Your employer may carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. If so, the insurance company might try to coax you into a settlement that ultimately offers less than you truly deserve. In other cases, your claim might be altogether denied (often unfairly).

Workers are then left with something of a mystery about how to properly proceed in the aftermath of a workplace accident. Where do you turn? What forms do you file? Are certain steps more strategically advantageous than others? How can you get answers? What are your rights?

At the DeMayo Law Offices ®, we understand how frustrating and intimidating it can be to deal with a workplace injury. The system is not easy to navigate, and you can’t necessarily rely on your employer or their representatives to fairly guide you along the way. Your best interests are not theirs.

So what should you do after being hurt at work? One of the first things to do is to get in touch with an experienced Charlotte Workers’ Compensation attorney right away. He or she can talk you through the specifics of your situation and give you advice about which steps to take next.

Remember that every single case is unique. That’s especially true where workplace injuries are concerned. You should consider talking with a lawyer before making any decisions that might impact your rights (and when it comes to Workers’ Compensation, just about every decision has the potential to impact your rights).


Seek Medical Care Right Away


People have a tendency to underestimate their injuries. In the heat of the moment you might be so distracted by the fear of negative repercussions, or even by embarrassment, that you don’t really understand the severity of your injury.

Of course, in most cases, medical problems don’t manifest themselves right away. From hairline fractures to internal organ damage, problems both mild and severe can take some time to start producing symptoms. Some injuries are detectable only upon medical examination.

That’s why it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t try to make medical diagnoses yourself. If you’ve been injured at work, go to the hospital or call 911 right away. Otherwise, make an appointment with a doctor you trust who can see you right away. Don’t wait weeks for an appointment, as unnecessary delays may impair your legal interests. Should you ultimately file a claim for compensation, a documented medical visit will serve as an important part of your case.

You Must Notify Your Employer


The law requires you to promptly notify your employer after any work-related accident or illness. It is important to make your employer aware of the injury as soon as possible. Properly notifying your employer and adhering to required deadlines for doing so can be a complicated initial step in moving forward after being hurt at work. A Charlotte Workers’ Compensation attorney at DeMayo Law Offices ® can help you answer any questions that you may have concerning the initial steps of moving forward after you have been hurt on the job.

Hire the Right Lawyer — It Can Make All the Difference


Once you’ve seen a doctor and formally notified your employer of your injury, it’s time for the official claims process to begin to unfold.

Unfortunately, that process can be long, unnerving, and uncertain. Too often, employees are treated unfairly throughout. Without a skilled legal representative to fight for their rights, injured workers are relatively defenseless against the workers’ compensation system that is often too difficult for injured workers to navigate on their own.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a passionate and knowledgeable attorney. Your rights under the law may be much more extensive than you realize. In fact, it’s sometimes even possible to seek compensation outside of the workers’ compensation system, depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your case.

The DeMayo Law Offices, L.L.P. ® has years of experience in handling workers’ compensation claims for injured workers throughout the entire state of North Carolina. We understand how important your financial compensation is to your family and we’ll work hard to leave no stone unturned while seeking everything you may be entitled to.

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job in North Carolina, and you’re wondering what to do next, give our office a call. We’ll treat you and your family with the fairness and respect you deserve.

We will not charge for our services unless there is a successful outcome in your case. We offer free consultations in person and over the phone. Free case evaluations are available right now, and speaking to a legal professional about your work injury will help you better understand your rights under North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law.


Please contact us to set up a free consultation today.

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