Too Little, Too Late: Why Do Medical Equipment Companies Resist Pulling Product/Services That Inevitably Lead to North Carolina Class Action Lawsuits?

It’s kind of a mystery, isn’t it?

So many North Carolina mass tort class action lawsuits could be avoided if liable parties took more responsible action, voluntarily, earlier in the process. On this blog, we’ve covered in depth the ongoing “legal drama” over the dialysis company Fresenius’s drugs, GranuFlo and NaturaLyte — drugs which can provoke cardiac events in at-risk patients — a scarily large slice of the patient population.

We’ve also talked about Stryker’s hip metal-on-metal hip replacement components — that’s another “legal drama” that’s led to countless injuries, heartbreaks, and vast amounts of suffering.

The catalogue of North Carolina class action lawsuits is vast. So why do so many drug companies, medical equipment suppliers, and other service and product suppliers wait until the last minute — and then some — to take course-corrective action?

This sluggishness leads to unnecessary deaths and injuries — and all the legal fracas that follows.

Obviously, all patients and doctors and lawyers appreciate the hard work that medical equipment suppliers and drug companies do to create services, pills, and components to treat sick people, get them healthy and keep them healthy.

We also all appreciate that there are inherent risks to medical procedures, especially surgeries and drug therapies. But what’s just not acceptable is when companies who make or sell or distribute products shirk responsibility when things go wrong. When preliminary data suggest that a product may be killing or seriously injuring a slice of the patient population, a values-based company should immediately do everything in its power to pull that product from shelves or at least warn practitioners and patients about the potential adverse effects, ASAP, as loudly as possible.

Yes, an “alarmist” response may hinder profits. Yes, some drugs and medical devices can be worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, stakeholders might not be happy to see such a “panicked” reaction. But to the extent that these companies ignore their fundamental fiduciary responsibilities to patients is the extent to which the healthcare system itself becomes bogged down, scary, complicated and inhumane.

When hundreds and millions of dollars are at stake, you need courageous people at the helm to make courageous stands against monied interests to protect the lives and welfare of patients. But we should demand that kind of compassionate responsibility of every stakeholder in healthcare system.

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