What’s Scarier than a Witch? …when she trips on your faulty step and breaks her leg.

Halloween is just around the corner!  It seems like every year around this time, the stores are bombarded with kids and adults alike rummaging through shelf after shelf looking for anything to complete the perfect costume!  Candy is piled to the brim of each cart in the checkout line and dentist’s waiting rooms are packed like a box office on opening night.

Kids desert their backpacks and school uniforms for a Spider Man suit or a princess in glitter from head to toe complete with a crown. The time is enjoyed by kids and adults alike regardless of your Hallo plans. Sometimes the best fun can be had just passing out candy as caravans of trick-or-treaters travel from home to home collecting a stockpile of candy that just might last until Christmas.

As a homeowner or renter, there are so many things to consider when these kids are coming onto your property.  It’s important to remember that it is dark when these kids visit.  It may be a good idea to walk around your own property to check for anything that can be a danger to a visitor.  If you see something that looks dangerous you should do something to get rid of it or at least bring attention to it.  If it’s raining that means the sidewalks may be slippery.  If you know the sidewalks are slippery anyway then consider passing out the candy in a different location.  If there is a pothole in the front yard fill it in or put up a sign.  It mainly comes down to common sense. You may have saved some money by passing out Little Debbie cake snacks or apples (shame on you) but that’s a drop in the bucket to having a kid get hurt on your property and you held responsible.

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